Ashleigh – Pet Wedding Planner

Welcome to the pet nuptial sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

Many people think that, while their pets love them, their owners, they aren’t capable of showing that love to another pet. Even worse, there are many who don’t think pets can feel love at all.

My name is Ashleigh, and I’m here to erase those preconceived notions, because here’s the truth: ALL pets have the capacity for deep, true love, and I want to help them achieve that level of happiness.

Yappily Ever After is dedicated to helping pets of all shapes and sizes find lasting happiness through pet weddings, marriage counselling, psychology and more. This is a service for people who see their pet’s deep capacity for emotion and want to put in the effort to help them reach their full potential.

Here’s a quick rundown of the services I offer!

  • Pet Weddings: Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, horses, stick insects…they all desire love and companionship, just like we humans do. Pet weddings are a special way to bond your pets for life to their significant other, unlocking their full potential to feel romantic love. Yappily Ever After can organise and perform a ceremony for all types of animal, from start to finish, with some very affordable packages!
  • Pet Marriage Counselling: Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes your pets will experience friction in their married life. Marriage counselling can provide much-needed healing for rifts and arguments, getting your pet’s marriage back on the right track.
  • Pet Talking Therapy: They feel what we feel, and that includes sadness, grief, despair, a lack of purpose in life and much more. Instead of psychologist psychobabble, my therapy involves honest, open and frank conversation surrounding the pet’s goals, as well as the institution of a solid strategy for future mental health.
  • Pet Matchmaking: Finding the right partner can be tough. Whether your pet is single and ready to mingle, pining for love from across the dog park, eyeing an attractive pigeon outside the window or beset my multiple romantic interests, pet matchmaking can help find ‘the one’ who’ll make them truly happy for life.

Whatever your needs, I’d love to hear from you, and we’ll see what we can do for you and your pets!



About Ashleigh

I’m Ashleigh, and I’m pet-passionate!

My love affair with providing pet happiness began at the age of four, when I received a tank full of siamese fighting fish. They were constantly at each other’s throats, and I was determined to help them get along. My master plan was to hold a grand wedding ceremony, and as with a royal wedding, all the others would stop what they were doing to observe this act of love and forget their aggression.

That one didn’t end well, but I was undeterred! Over the years I had many pets- dogs, cats, horses and less aggressive fish- and my skills in matchmaking and wedding officiating developed until eventually I gained a full appreciation of how much emotion animals can truly feel when given the right incentive.

Yappily Ever After was founded as a celebration of that great love inside all animals, and a revolution for all human people to wake up and realise it.

Currently, I live in Melbourne with my two dogs Brenda and Steven (two years’ married this August!), cats Jeremy and Sarah (newlyweds) and stick insects Travis and Murphy (we’re working on their relationship).