Pet Marriage Counselling

There are times in every marriage when the fur starts to fly. But what happens when you can’t solve those problems by yourself?

I have several years of experience in dispute resolution for pets, especially those experiencing a rough patch in their nuptials. My usual recommendation would be intense-yet-thoughtful couple’s therapy, in which both parties confront the source of their problem and come to a mutual resolution that benefits their entire union going forward.

Once again, this service is available for all types of animals, facing all sorts of issues. Pet marriage counselling is particularly helpful for:



  • Dogs who are experiencing difficulties resisting the urge to sniff others at the dog park, leaving their partner feeling neglected.
  • Cats who feel the emotion on their marriage has cooled, and are tempted to return to their emotionless ways of predation and manipulating humans for tummy rubs.
  • Hamsters in need of assurance that their relationship is going somewhere instead of staying static, as if they were on some kind of wheel.
  • Spiders feeling the temptation to kill and eat their significant other after a night of passion.
  • Chimpanzees who are frustrated with their partner’s inability to take anything seriously.



This list provides only a snapshot; all animals deserve a comprehensive counselling service, and all marriages can be saved with honest and frank discussion.

Sessions last from thirty minutes to an hour. Get in touch today with your details, and I’ll get back to you ASAP with suggestions for counselling sessions.

It’s never too late to mend a marriage rift!