Pet Matchmaking

Everyone deserves to find their special someone, no matter how many limbs, or whether or not they possess a backbone.

But where do you find that true love? As it is with humans, animals can sometimes struggle to find the one with whom they were meant to share their destiny, and that’s where matchmaking comes in.

A specialty of mine, matchmaking means that your pet doesn’t have to look for their perfect partner…I’ll find one for them! Whether it’s a fellow pet from their social circle or a choice pick from my extensive database of clients in need of partnership, you can rest assured that I’ll get to know your pet, their likes and dislikes, future hopes for romance and all their little foibles, all to find them the romantic partner of a lifetime!

Matchmaking usually involves meeting with your pet to ascertain their romantic type, then a short period of locating several ‘matches’. 

After this comes the dating period, in which your pet will be matched up with their partner on an outing (or in the home) to see if there’s a ‘spark’. If so, you can encourage the relationship and see how it develops!