Miss Cuddle-Bunny hasn’t been handling the pressure of the wedding very well. Every day I get an email from her owners asking if we should postpone or even cancel. As if I’m going to let that happen when I’ve put so much effort into this grand event! The wedding of Miss Cuddle-Bunny and Mr Todd Christina will go forward. They’re going to be the most adorable golden retriever and German shepherd couple anybody has ever seen.

I don’t know what Miss Cuddle-Bunny is so worried about. I’m absolutely nailing this Myths of Zoey theme, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Maybe it’s a family issue. Her family are purebred golden retrievers six generations back, so it would make sense. I’m sure they’ll agree that this wedding was meant to be when they see my Three Force, Lonk and Zoe decorations. Why would a couple of dogs want a theme from a video game? Apparently they both love to watch their owners play it, so it was the natural theme.

For now, I’ve suggested that the family rent a portable hyperbaric chamber near Melbourne so that Miss Cuddle-Bunny can deal with her anxiety. Mr Todd Christina doesn’t seem stressed at all, on the other hand. He’s been a great help getting everything ready. I haven’t had to worry about the cake or the table cloths, because he’s taken care of it personally. I can honestly say I’m working with the most well-mannered and intelligent German shepherd I’ve ever met. It’s a genuine pleasure!

We’ve still got two weeks before the big day, so hopefully Miss Cuddle-Bunny can stop stressing about it before then. She still needs to pick her dress and the flower decorations. Mr Todd Christina has offered to do it, but in my experience that never goes down well. The bride needs to choose these things, otherwise she won’t be happy. She could give Mr Todd Christina a list of what she wants, but when she sees it in front of her, she’ll change her mind. I’ve been doing pet weddings for a long time, so I think I know what I’m talking about.