Cuddle-Bunny’s Anxiety

Miss Cuddle-Bunny hasn’t been handling the pressure of the wedding very well. Every day I get an email from her owners asking if we should postpone or even cancel. As if I’m going to let that happen when I’ve put so much effort into this grand event! The wedding of Miss Cuddle-Bunny and Mr Todd Christina will go forward. They’re going to be the most adorable golden retriever and German

Gives You Paws

I don’t often sign petitions, but sometimes…I do. This one is partially down to the worthy cause of extending animal healthcare, and also a little bit down to the title of the movement, ‘Paws for Thought’. You have to admit, that IS pretty compelling. As is stated in the description of the Punch-Pioneer page, Melbourne podiatrists are renowned amongst their peers, but do you know who has more legs than

Those Poor Paws

I was lying awake last night, thinking about pet podiatry, and the words combined in my head, into ‘pet-diatry’. Then I realised that, even if I gained some kind of qualification that meant I could offer podiatry services to pets, people could never take me seriously because they’d think I was offering diet services to pets and I’d just spelt it horribly wrong. And then I thought…wow! I could offer

Chamber of Therapy

I’m starting to wonder if I’m limiting myself by getting my own office. Like, an office that sits in one place and doesn’t move. Animals just aren’t like us, you know; they have a variety of needs, and I’d like to meet those needs where they feel comfortable. If I’m trying to match-make a group of fish, I shouldn’t demand they be brought to me in a tank! I need