Pets and Humans

I’ve been wondering if I should branch out and become a real marriage celebrant, rather than just a pet one. My parents always told me that conducting pet weddings and giving pet marriage counselling didn’t count as a real job. For the most part, I ignored them. I’ve been making a fine living with my little niche, and I do love it. But the other day I went to the

Wedding Tinting

I’ve planned some strange pet weddings, but I think this one takes the cake. For starters, I’ve never married a conure to a bulldog before. How did these two animals even fall in love? It’s just strange. But then there’s the theme of the wedding, too. Window tinting? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course, I’ll get it done, because this couple deserves to have the wedding they’ve

Dream Bathroom Renovation

I have the tendency to fall asleep on the couch just minutes after sitting down. This could be after I’ve just woken up in the morning or after eating dinner. No matter what the circumstances are, I’ll end up falling asleep. This is obviously quite a problem because I keep losing time to sleep, but I also somewhat enjoy it as well. Whenever I fall asleep during the day I

Rosy Wedding

“Oh, no, Ms Rosie, please don’t do that to the flowers!” I yelled from the other side of the chapel, running over to the bride. She’d been doing it all day, grabbing petals with her beak and ripping them off. I love birds, I truly do, but planning a wedding for them has turned out to be much harder than I expected. The Jefferson family came to me a few

Guest Post: SW

Note from Ashleigh: This isn’t the normal kind of thing I would post on my website, but I was contacted by the team at Not Flicks with an opportunity to generate some traffic here by promoting season two of Australia’s Next Top Office. So, without further ado, I’ll hand this over to Space Wizard to introduce himself! I just speak into this magic stick and the words appear on the

No Flowers Available

Does anybody know where I can buy some flowers? It seems that every flower stall in the city is closed. Oh, I’m in real trouble if I can’t find some beautiful flowers before tonight. Everything else is ready for Sherbert and Bella’s wedding but it will be for nothing if I can’t get the perfect decorative flowers. Months of pet wedding planning for nothing! I thought I’d be able to

Ute Canopy Upgrade

For my entire life, I have prided myself on going against the stereotype. I am a four-foot nothing, twenty year old girl, and I definitely look so small that it seems like I could break at any moment. But frankly, this is not the case. When you get a better look, it becomes plainly obvious that I wouldn’t break – instead, I’d be the one to break you. I’m tough

Company Ute

I have been an electrical apprentice for the last four years, and in this time I’ve never had my own company car. I’ve always driven the same small, old car and it is honestly a bit embarrassing. I’ve had to fit all my tools in the backseat, which means every time I need a tool that isn’t at the top of the pile, I’ve had to take out every single

Cuddle-Bunny’s Anxiety

Miss Cuddle-Bunny hasn’t been handling the pressure of the wedding very well. Every day I get an email from her owners asking if we should postpone or even cancel. As if I’m going to let that happen when I’ve put so much effort into this grand event! The wedding of Miss Cuddle-Bunny and Mr Todd Christina will go forward. They’re going to be the most adorable golden retriever and German

Heel, Girl

I’m all about helping each of my clients put their best foot forward on their big day – or, you know, their best paw, hoof or talon. No disrespect to some of my reptilian clients, who don’t have any foot-like appendages to speak of – they, too, want to slither down the aisle with confidence and charisma. Whatever the case may be, I’m here to help. Now, on occasion, my