Bathroom Renovation One

Ben and I have embarked on the exciting journey of planning a renovation for our home. From the moment we purchased this ageing house, we recognised its outdated charm and embraced the prospect of a challenge. Renovation had always been part of our long-term vision; however, the sense of urgency has somewhat accelerated due to our impending plans of starting a family. The prospect of little ones joining our household

Window Solutions Three

Being an architect assigned to the lunar colony of Melbourne feels like a surreal dream come to life. The moon’s unique environment provides a refreshing departure from Earth’s stringent safety protocols and the confines of terrestrial physics. Embracing this liberating setting, I find myself regularly summoned to craft innovative structures—an ever-evolving repertoire ranging from robotic animal habitats to subterranean public pools that delve into the planetary core. Today’s focus centres

Drain Plumber Three

Amidst the bustling rush hour on a Tuesday, the sewers of Melbourne surged with fervour, as tiny feet scurried and tails swished in a dance of activity. Remy, a seasoned participant in the art of delivering the finest cheeses to his rodent clientele, had been on a ceaseless journey throughout the day, navigating the labyrinthine sewer system with precision. Years of involvement in the delivery trade had rendered him intimately

Homecare Service Five

Mary’s unwavering dedication to altruism and her fervent commitment to fostering a positive footprint within her community were intrinsic to her character. As a devoted member of a distinguished disability service provider, Mary channelled her energies toward rendering indispensable care and sustenance to individuals with disabilities. Her role encompassed visiting clients within their abodes, orchestrating daily activities that encompassed personal care, culinary preparation, and mobility assistance. Propelling her service a

Daughter Eye Care

Last week, I treated my daughter to a cinematic adventure. This outing marked her first trip to the cinema since the onset of a significant global event that has unfolded over the past couple of years. Considering her tender age during those preceding times, she likely has no recollection of any prior cinema experiences. The anticipation in her was palpable; the movie we had chosen was a delightful children’s animated

Rat Laundry Renovation

My current focus is on revitalising my laundry area, driven by the necessity for an enhanced aesthetic appeal, especially considering the impending arrival of guests to my residence. I am in the process of transforming my dwelling into a holiday rental, a decision rooted in fairness—ensuring that those investing their resources into this space are rewarded with a valuable experience. Given its proximity to the beach, the occupants of the

The Drive Back

‘How exactly are we going to break this to Dad?’ my sister asked from the seat next to me. It was the first time we’d spoken in ten minutes, since we’d left his doctor’s office. ‘Cleanly,’ I suggested. ‘No beating around the bush, no stroking his ego so he knows that we care – just tell him that things need to change.’ ‘I guess,’ she said, staring out of the

More Internet Woes

I have bad news. The internet in our office still hasn’t been fixed and the payment that was missing has in fact not been processed. I spent hours, if not days, combing through records to try and find this payment. I agonised over finding the payment to the point where I couldn’t sleep, where I felt like my eyes were on fire after looking at a screen for too long.

Going To The Optometrist

Why did I book my son in for an eye test on the sunniest day of the year so far? I’m at work at the moment and I have to leave early (which is a good thing) to take my son to the optometrist for an eye test (which is a bad thing). Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s very important that he gets an eye test and has the

Matching Celebratory Tattoos

I’m getting a tattoo to celebrate hitting a large milestone in my life. How exciting! I’m about to move out with four friends and to show that we’re going to be best friends forever, we’re all getting matching tattoos. I seriously think that’s so cool. It’s so nice that this milestone is something we can share with each other and something that we’ll never forget. We’re going to visit a