Annoying Eye Test

Can the weekend just hurry up!!!! I’m so ready to party. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I’m so toey to get outside, see my friends and have a good time. We’re all going to the pub tonight to watch our favourite basketball team play in its first-ever finals series! We’re literally about to watch history unfold before our eyes, and it’s only four hours away. There

Failed Video Audition

Two months ago I sent my audition tape overseas. Today, I’ve received the feedback and I’m waiting for my family to get home before I open it. It looks like they’ve sent me some sort of videotape back, which is absolutely awesome. I assume they only send video responses to people that have gotten into the next round of auditions, and so I’m feeling very very good. I’ll update you

Unable to Drive

I wish I could report that things had changed since my last update. Unfortunately, they have not, and I’m still very much struggling with driving and anxiety in general. Even with exposure therapy, roadworthy certificates and many attempts at trying to become a more confident driver, I have made very little progress. I feel like a failure and like I’m never going to be a normal driver (or person). Normal

Famous Learner Driver

I’m somewhat famous in Adelaide and on the internet. I love being famous and having people recognise me in the street, however, the reason people recognise me definitely wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. People in Adelaide know me as the worst driver in the city. I’m famous for being the 35-year old L plater who has failed his driving test over twenty times. Ever since I started posting videos

Lost Earrings

I lost my sun moon earrings. I’ve been wearing them for the last two years straight, ever since just after I turned twelve. I’m fourteen and a half now and I’m known at my high school as the girl with the cool earrings. So many girls have asked me where I got the earrings from and I just tell them that they were custom made for me, which makes people

Desperately Need Advice

It’s safe to say that I am officially lost. I’m not lost physically, but mentally I don’t know who I am or who I want to be. I feel like school was designed to pump us out of the system as quickly as possible and send us to university so that we could start our lives as working professionals. I’m now six years out of high school and almost two

Three Year Braces

  So you’ve joined in for part two of my five-part blog series on how I overcame my fear of dentists. I’ve actually received a lot of comments over the last week about my post, with some of you completely understanding where six year old me was coming from, and some of you calling me words that I don’t wish to repeat. But regardless of the reason you’ve tuned in

Fussy Customers

Uh oh. I just looked at my appointment calendar, and I’ve got Candice Merriman’s labrador written in for after lunch. I’d forgotten about that. I now remember pencilling it in last Thursday, with some reluctance. After our last session, I vowed I’d think hard about working with Candice again, and secretly hoped the whole thing would fizzle out. But then she called me while I was having a tense moment

Moving to Mornington

I packed up my life six years ago and moved Cambridge, Tasmania. I never looked back. I left a stressful life for one of leisure and it truly was the best decision I’ve ever made. I used to work in the city doing a stressful job that was supposed to be 9am-5pm but ended up being more like 7am-10pm every day. I was working myself into an early grave and

Holiday House Painters

I’m staying at my holiday house for the next month. Every January my family and I spend our summer holidays in Phillip Island. It was easy when us kids were all at school and uni, because we all had January off. It got more complicated when we started our careers because a lot of us had to be in the office, but due to a recent change of events, working