Going To The Optometrist

Why did I book my son in for an eye test on the sunniest day of the year so far? I’m at work at the moment and I have to leave early (which is a good thing) to take my son to the optometrist for an eye test (which is a bad thing). Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s very important that he gets an eye test and has the

Matching Celebratory Tattoos

I’m getting a tattoo to celebrate hitting a large milestone in my life. How exciting! I’m about to move out with four friends and to show that we’re going to be best friends forever, we’re all getting matching tattoos. I seriously think that’s so cool. It’s so nice that this milestone is something we can share with each other and something that we’ll never forget. We’re going to visit a

Wanting To Visit

It’s been a week now and things aren’t getting any better. I’m still stuck in my house and I feel like my relationship with my husband is deteriorating. We’re not made for only spending time in our houses and only being together. We’re naturally social beings and have friends and family that we want to spend time with. This whole situation has been really tough and it makes me extremely

A Forum Invasion

S: woah, what is this place?? Some sort of forum for old people to hang out, whingeing about how much their arms hurt? yikes, the internet sure has gone down the Tubes since we let you people on it! A: Now, young man, if you haven’t anything nice to say, then you should simply say nothing at all. S: Oii, granddad, do i come onto your internet and tell you

Caught Sneaking Out

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Alexi’s mother called as he barrelled down the stairs towards the back door. He skidded to a stop on the faded rug, cursing her bat-like hearing.          ‘Just… out,’ he spun around to grin up at her.          It didn’t work — she remained frowning at him. For a heart-stopping moment, he wondered if he was losing his boyish charm, and had to fight

I’m The Boss

Fifteen minutes until knock off. Even as the owner of my own plumbing company, I love knock off more than anything. I started as an apprentice plumber about thirty-five years ago now and then fifteen years into my career I purchased the company from my boss at the time. I’ve been the boss ever since and I absolutely love it. I love knowing that every second, every minute and every

Annual Home Maintenance

My wife and I have lived in our new luxury home on the Mornington Peninsula for three years now. It hasn’t been the easiest transition, with so much of the house reminding us of the life our son was supposed to live. Sometimes, I swear I feel him out there in the wind enjoying the outdoor areas like he was supposed to. I assume that’s just a trick of my

Seeking Career Advice

I’m running late for my appointment with my careers counsellor. I’m a very on-time person usually, and so the fact that I’m running late would usually shock people. I’m not particularly shocked though. I’ve been saying for over a year that I want a career change, but I haven’t actually acted on it. Even though I know I’m severely underpaid and I would be much better off working somewhere else,

Unclog It Myself

My housemates are literally at war with each other. Every morning I wake up to the sound of one of my housemates screaming at the other. It’s pretty exhausting if I’m being honest. Especially because I don’t care about what they’re fighting about either – I don’t shower, you see.  I’m a blokes-bloke, and I don’t want to smell like soap and flowers every day. Women like the smell of

Expert Brake Repair

My boyfriend keeps getting migraines which are really scary for him and really upsetting for me. He works as an electrician, so is always up on the roof or ladder, or dealing with some really intricate and potentially dangerous electrical work. He also spends a lot of time driving between jobs and worksites, which makes it risky if he gets a migraine. He seems to get migraines most often when