The Drive Back

‘How exactly are we going to break this to Dad?’ my sister asked from the seat next to me. It was the first time we’d spoken in ten minutes, since we’d left his doctor’s office. ‘Cleanly,’ I suggested. ‘No beating around the bush, no stroking his ego so he knows that we care – just tell him that things need to change.’ ‘I guess,’ she said, staring out of the

Caught Sneaking Out

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Alexi’s mother called as he barrelled down the stairs towards the back door. He skidded to a stop on the faded rug, cursing her bat-like hearing.          ‘Just… out,’ he spun around to grin up at her.          It didn’t work — she remained frowning at him. For a heart-stopping moment, he wondered if he was losing his boyish charm, and had to fight

Fussy Customers

Uh oh. I just looked at my appointment calendar, and I’ve got Candice Merriman’s labrador written in for after lunch. I’d forgotten about that. I now remember pencilling it in last Thursday, with some reluctance. After our last session, I vowed I’d think hard about working with Candice again, and secretly hoped the whole thing would fizzle out. But then she called me while I was having a tense moment

Doggy Business

A lot of people come to me for advice on why their four-legged friend is acting up. It’s not my area of expertise, exactly, but as a pet wedding celebrant I’m more attuned to subtle behavioural cues than most. To keep it simple, let’s say the enquiry is about a dog. The first thing I’ll suggest is that the dog may not have everything it needs to feel like part

Dream Bathroom Renovation

I have the tendency to fall asleep on the couch just minutes after sitting down. This could be after I’ve just woken up in the morning or after eating dinner. No matter what the circumstances are, I’ll end up falling asleep. This is obviously quite a problem because I keep losing time to sleep, but I also somewhat enjoy it as well. Whenever I fall asleep during the day I

My Bathroom Paranoia

I’ll admit it: the thing that worries me most at this, the very start of my career, is meeting clients. Not because my clients are scary, or anything! All the people I’ve met thus far who wanted their pets to be wed in holy matrimony have been the loveliest, most stable people you’ll ever meet. No, I just… I suppose I get a bit nervous that they won’t think I’ll