I have the tendency to fall asleep on the couch just minutes after sitting down. This could be after I’ve just woken up in the morning or after eating dinner. No matter what the circumstances are, I’ll end up falling asleep. This is obviously quite a problem because I keep losing time to sleep, but I also somewhat enjoy it as well. Whenever I fall asleep during the day I have such vivid dreams. In my last dream I was a bathroom renovator doing renovations to my real-life bathroom. It was awesome. I completely redesigned my bathroom.

In real life, my bathroom is a small singular vanity, a toilet and a worn out shower. I haven’t been able to do anything with it because I don’t have the disposable income and it technically is functional, but I would if I could. I guess this is clear seeing as I’m literally dreaming about changing my bathroom. My dream has made me want to start saving up and properly sit down with a professional to discuss a new bathroom layout design. Melbourne has a range of different designers out there, so I’m sure I could find someone who could create something to match my style and budget. 

When I woke up from my dream on the couch I actually drew the design that was so vivid in my dream. I somehow managed to fit a shower, bath, double vanity and toilet all into the one space, and still had enough room to move around. I’m going to present these designs to the designer and see if he or she can do something similar. Obviously it was a dream so I have no idea if any of this would actually work, but it would be cool if I could literally make my dream a reality.

Here’s to living out my dreams one step at a time. Who would’ve thought that my first dream coming true would be to do with my bathroom.