I’ve planned some strange pet weddings, but I think this one takes the cake. For starters, I’ve never married a conure to a bulldog before. How did these two animals even fall in love? It’s just strange. But then there’s the theme of the wedding, too. Window tinting? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course, I’ll get it done, because this couple deserves to have the wedding they’ve always dreamed of.

From what I’ve heard, Sam, the bulldog, spent a lot of time in his owner’s workspace as a pup. He’d go up to the windows, where they’d had office tinting done, and just stare into his own reflection for hours. Naturally, he’s gained an affinity for tinted windows. That’s part of the reason we’re doing a window tinting theme. The other reason comes from Bella’s past. Bella is a conure, and she’s just about the cutest bird I’ve ever seen. Anyway, Bella’s family live in an old mansion that has a lot of stained glass windows. No surprise then that we’re going with more tinted windows for her. Thus, we get a complete window tinting theme. Decorative window film for Melbourne mansions hopefully isn’t too hard to come by, as I’ll need to get some quality, good looking windows in a short time. The wedding is only in a few days.

That’s the thing about pet weddings. The planning time is ridiculous. If I was a regular wedding planner I’d have weeks and months to get things together. People don’t put that much thought into pet weddings. Usually I have only a week at most to get things ready. It’s quite stressful, but I also love it. It means I’m constantly meeting new people and animals, and I’m always busy. This really was the perfect job for me. Nothing is more rewarding than my hard work paying off through a dazzling wedding, celebrating the love of two animals, even if one’s a conure and the other is a bulldog.