I’m getting a tattoo to celebrate hitting a large milestone in my life. How exciting! I’m about to move out with four friends and to show that we’re going to be best friends forever, we’re all getting matching tattoos. I seriously think that’s so cool. It’s so nice that this milestone is something we can share with each other and something that we’ll never forget.

We’re going to visit a highly rated traditional tattooist tomorrow so that we can look over designs and get the opinions of an expert. We want to choose something that we all like and will be proud to show off for the years to come. As with every decision we make this year, the decision of which tattoo design to ink on our bodies will be a group decision. We want everyone to be happy and if that means going away for a few weeks to deliberate a decision, then so be it. That’s what teamwork and friendship is all about!

Things went really well at the tattoo shop in the heart of Brisbane today. We all came to a decision really easily and we’re all happy about it. We’ve chosen small little love hearts with our own initials in them. They’re matching and will be going on the inner side of our wrists for the world to see. We’re booked in to get inked in two weeks’ time after we’ve settled in and I’m so excited!

Once our tattoos completely heal, we’re going to throw a housewarming party and do a big reveal of them. We all love attention and while the housewarming is a great excuse to have all eyes on us, being able to show off our brand new matching tattoos is a sure-fire way to make sure that the spotlight is on us all night. I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again – I am so excited!