It’s been a week now and things aren’t getting any better. I’m still stuck in my house and I feel like my relationship with my husband is deteriorating. We’re not made for only spending time in our houses and only being together. We’re naturally social beings and have friends and family that we want to spend time with. This whole situation has been really tough and it makes me extremely sad.

In good news, my mum had a really nice birthday at her home which specialises in positive behaviour support. Adelaide nurses truly do care about their patients and the people in their care, which means a lot to me. Knowing that my mum is okay even when I’m stuck at home has made me feel significantly better… and I don’t even feel great, so imagine how bad I’d be if my mum wasn’t doing well.

If I’m being completely honest, this whole thing sucks. I feel sick, I feel trapped, I feel alienated. I’ve watched every TV show that exists and officially have nothing else to do. I’m gaining weight, my husband and I are fighting and this entire experience has significantly decreased my morale.

The only thing helping me get through this difficult time is my positive interactions with the NDIS provider who is responsible for looking after my mum. She’s just so happy at all times. She paints everything in a positive light and makes me feel very reassured that my mum is in good hands. Did you know that I haven’t even visited my mum in care since I put her there? I was supposed to visit her on the second day and that’s when I got told to stay at home indefinitely. This sucks. I hope I have better luck next week and can actually visit my mum’s care home and let everyone know how it is. Who knows though, I bet you I have to stay home for another week or something.