Bathroom Renovation One

Ben and I have embarked on the exciting journey of planning a renovation for our home. From the moment we purchased this ageing house, we recognised its outdated charm and embraced the prospect of a challenge. Renovation had always been part of our long-term vision; however, the sense of urgency has somewhat accelerated due to our impending plans of starting a family. The prospect of little ones joining our household

Rat Laundry Renovation

My current focus is on revitalising my laundry area, driven by the necessity for an enhanced aesthetic appeal, especially considering the impending arrival of guests to my residence. I am in the process of transforming my dwelling into a holiday rental, a decision rooted in fairness—ensuring that those investing their resources into this space are rewarded with a valuable experience. Given its proximity to the beach, the occupants of the

Annual Home Maintenance

My wife and I have lived in our new luxury home on the Mornington Peninsula for three years now. It hasn’t been the easiest transition, with so much of the house reminding us of the life our son was supposed to live. Sometimes, I swear I feel him out there in the wind enjoying the outdoor areas like he was supposed to. I assume that’s just a trick of my

Guest Post: SW

Note from Ashleigh: This isn’t the normal kind of thing I would post on my website, but I was contacted by the team at Not Flicks with an opportunity to generate some traffic here by promoting season two of Australia’s Next Top Office. So, without further ado, I’ll hand this over to Space Wizard to introduce himself! I just speak into this magic stick and the words appear on the