My wife and I have lived in our new luxury home on the Mornington Peninsula for three years now. It hasn’t been the easiest transition, with so much of the house reminding us of the life our son was supposed to live. Sometimes, I swear I feel him out there in the wind enjoying the outdoor areas like he was supposed to. I assume that’s just a trick of my emotions, but sometimes, even for a fleeting moment, it feels real. 

Even though we’re still not entirely sure about how we feel living in this house (to be fair, we’re not sure how we feel about anything these days), we have still been responsible and looked after our new home. We’ve had contractors do annual home maintenance on our property to keep it in tip-top shape. This way, if we decide to sell it we can sell it for a very healthy amount of money. At this stage, it’s looking likely that we will sell it. It just hurts too much to live in and is making it hard for us to move on.

As much as this house is stunning and would have been so perfect for our lives, it just isn’t right for us. It would have been right. Our son would have loved it. We probably would have been the party house for every kid in their early twenties in the Mornington Peninsula, and my wife and I would have been happy with that.

As this is my last blog post, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the extremely professional new home builders on the Mornington Peninsula who helped make our dream house a reality. They created the perfect property and it followed our brief to a tee. In another life, my family and I would have lived happily here for many years. Eventually, my son would have brought grandkids here to enjoy too. Unfortunately, this will never happen now.