I’m running late for my appointment with my careers counsellor. I’m a very on-time person usually, and so the fact that I’m running late would usually shock people. I’m not particularly shocked though.

I’ve been saying for over a year that I want a career change, but I haven’t actually acted on it. Even though I know I’m severely underpaid and I would be much better off working somewhere else, I just feel comfortable where I am and the thought of going somewhere for more pay but it’s actually a worse place to work is really scary to me. But also, it could just be general anxiety and a need to rely on what is familiar in order to feel comfortable. 

On a day of extreme motivation after my boss treated me poorly, I booked an appointment for professional career change advice. Melbourne is a city of incredible opportunities and I know I could easily find a job if I wanted to, and although I definitely do want to, I’m apprehensive. 

I’m hoping a chat with a careers counsellor will inspire me and show me that I have nothing to worry about. I get really stuck in my head sometimes and so I need a careers counsellor to pull me out of the anxiety and encourage me to go after what I deserve. After a push and reassurance that everything will be okay, I should be able to take the plunge that I’ve wanted to take for over a year now.

Okay, I had a chat with the career counsellor in the Melbourne CBD yesterday. She was very nice, and even showed me which businesses are hiring right now. We worked on my resume and she gave me the confidence to understand that when I get an interview (which I will), I’m interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing me. That helped ease my anxiety, as now I’m sure that I’m not locked into anything.