My Toowoomba Parade

One of my fondest memories is a trip to Toowoomba, way back when I was a little girl, and I remember it so fondly because I was the one who chose the location. We would go on…oh, about four holidays a year? Four big ones, anyway, and this year Mummy and Daddy let me choose. I chose Toowoomba because I thought it sounded funny, but we ended up having a

Gives You Paws

I don’t often sign petitions, but sometimes…I do. This one is partially down to the worthy cause of extending animal healthcare, and also a little bit down to the title of the movement, ‘Paws for Thought’. You have to admit, that IS pretty compelling. As is stated in the description of the Punch-Pioneer page, Melbourne podiatrists are renowned amongst their peers, but do you know who has more legs than