Unable to Drive

I wish I could report that things had changed since my last update. Unfortunately, they have not, and I’m still very much struggling with driving and anxiety in general. Even with exposure therapy, roadworthy certificates and many attempts at trying to become a more confident driver, I have made very little progress. I feel like a failure and like I’m never going to be a normal driver (or person). Normal

Famous Learner Driver

I’m somewhat famous in Adelaide and on the internet. I love being famous and having people recognise me in the street, however, the reason people recognise me definitely wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. People in Adelaide know me as the worst driver in the city. I’m famous for being the 35-year old L plater who has failed his driving test over twenty times. Ever since I started posting videos

Moving to Mornington

I packed up my life six years ago and moved Cambridge, Tasmania. I never looked back. I left a stressful life for one of leisure and it truly was the best decision I’ve ever made. I used to work in the city doing a stressful job that was supposed to be 9am-5pm but ended up being more like 7am-10pm every day. I was working myself into an early grave and

Midland Car Legacy

My late grandfather grew up in Midland, Western Australia, and went on to live there his whole life. He could have moved to somewhere closer to the city or closer to the beach, but he loved the suburb he grew up in and didn’t want to leave. I really admire that about him and that loyalty is something that I’ll always hold close to my heart.  I haven’t been back

Car Safety Software

My friends and I have this software installed on our phone that lets us see where each other are at all times. It sounds creepy but we’re all happy to show each other our locations because we’re best friends and we know everything about each other. It’s especially great on a night out when we’re not hanging out together but are close by. It helps us meet up and hang

Ute Canopy Upgrade

For my entire life, I have prided myself on going against the stereotype. I am a four-foot nothing, twenty year old girl, and I definitely look so small that it seems like I could break at any moment. But frankly, this is not the case. When you get a better look, it becomes plainly obvious that I wouldn’t break – instead, I’d be the one to break you. I’m tough

Company Ute

I have been an electrical apprentice for the last four years, and in this time I’ve never had my own company car. I’ve always driven the same small, old car and it is honestly a bit embarrassing. I’ve had to fit all my tools in the backseat, which means every time I need a tool that isn’t at the top of the pile, I’ve had to take out every single

The Big Furry Car

I was just minding my own business, sitting in my favourite cafe and drinking my soy latte while doing a bit of business admin… … …and a car drove by shaped like a dog. I did a real, proper double take, because at first I thought I’d seen a gigantic dog, with fur and everything. Turns out it was a real, gigantic dog with fur and everything that was actually,

My Toowoomba Parade

One of my fondest memories is a trip to Toowoomba, way back when I was a little girl, and I remember it so fondly because I was the one who chose the location. We would go on…oh, about four holidays a year? Four big ones, anyway, and this year Mummy and Daddy let me choose. I chose Toowoomba because I thought it sounded funny, but we ended up having a

Pet Hair Everywhere

Animals. Animals. Animals everywhere. And I knew that was going to happen when I brought them into my home, but it is getting to be a bit of a problem. Brenda and Steven have reached shedding season, Jeremy and Sarah are also leaving hair everywhere, and Travis and Murphy…well, I’m concerned about their relationship. They seem to be spending a lot of time with twigs that look like other stick