My boyfriend keeps getting migraines which are really scary for him and really upsetting for me. He works as an electrician, so is always up on the roof or ladder, or dealing with some really intricate and potentially dangerous electrical work. He also spends a lot of time driving between jobs and worksites, which makes it risky if he gets a migraine. He seems to get migraines most often when he’s working. I’m not sure if it’s stress, anxiety or the lighting conditions, or it’s maybe a combination of everything to make the perfect storm. Whatever it is, it isn’t good and it’s clearly a sign that something isn’t right.

I’m not a doctor so there’s not much I can do to help him, other than make sure he goes to work with a full bottle of water and lunch in his bag. To try and keep him safe on the road, I’ve also paid a mechanic to do an expert brake repair on his car so that his brakes work properly if he needs to stop quickly. I imagine that this will help him if he ever needs to come to a quick stop because a migraine has come on. He has a habit of just trying to drive home even with a migraine so that he can get to bed, even though we both know it would be safer for him to pull over and close his eyes for a couple of minutes. 

His safety is my top priority. I feel pretty helpless that there’s nothing I can do to stop his migraines, but chatting to the mechanic in the Raceview area made me feel a bit better. He assured me that my boyfriend’s work car (it’s actually a truck but I don’t care about the logistics) is in the safest possible condition. My boyfriend will be able to drive it safely, even with a migraine coming on. I just have to trust that he will make the right decision about driving.