I went on a fifth date with the boy. I wish I didn’t have to test him like this so early on in our dating experience, but I need to look out for the red flags early. I’ve been burned too many times before. So anyway, I got to his house because once again he didn’t want to come to my house, and he had a car parked in his carport! Hallelujah! It’s a really nice car too. I’m not shocked that the car specialists wanted to spend so much time on it to get the car right. 

He has the type of car that your typical auto electrician in the Moorabbin area would gawk at. And by gawk, I mean stare at and wish that it was their car, rather than the car they were working on. I’ll admit, I was pretty impressed when I saw it in his driveway. 

Here I was thinking he was potentially some deadbeat that didn’t have a car when in actual fact he had a very nice car that he obviously likes to take care of. I’ll definitely be going on a sixth date with him, and maybe I’ll even suggest that we go to the drive-ins and sit in the back of his very pretty car. I’d feel quite stylish in it, not going to lie. 

I feel like this is a lesson that I should trust people when they say something. Just because I’ve had bad experiences myself, doesn’t mean every guy out there is a lying, cheating monster. I realise now that I should have trusted him when he said he was getting his annual logbook service. This is a good lesson for me.

I’m looking forward to seeing where things go with Jack. So far he’s been nothing but lovely and I need to learn to trust him. I’m going to open myself up to him and who knows, maybe I’ve gotten lucky.