Can the weekend just hurry up!!!! I’m so ready to party. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I’m so toey to get outside, see my friends and have a good time. We’re all going to the pub tonight to watch our favourite basketball team play in its first-ever finals series! We’re literally about to watch history unfold before our eyes, and it’s only four hours away. There are less than two hours of work left for the week, and not much else in the way of me having the best weekend I’ve had for months. Except for one thing… I have to take my little nephew to get a kids eye test before my weekend can begin.

Why did I agree to take him on a Friday? I knew at the time that it would probably cause me some issues, but I said yes anyway. I’m just powerless to him. My sister was smart to get him to ask me instead of asking me herself. If she had asked I probably would have thought it through a bit more and said no. My nephew’s just so precious though that I can’t help but say yes to him. 

My sister is dropping him off at 5 pm. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why she has time to drop him off but doesn’t have time to take him there herself, but I’ve already committed to it. As soon as the eye test with the professional Brighton eye doctor is over, I’m dropping my nephew home and heading straight to the pub. I can’t stand the idea of any other responsibilities cutting into my time partying with my friends. 

Well, there’s t-minus one point five hours until I’m out of here for the weekend. And then I just have the unfortunate optometrist roadblock getting in my way and then I’m free!! TGIF everybody.