Two months ago I sent my audition tape overseas. Today, I’ve received the feedback and I’m waiting for my family to get home before I open it. It looks like they’ve sent me some sort of videotape back, which is absolutely awesome. I assume they only send video responses to people that have gotten into the next round of auditions, and so I’m feeling very very good. I’ll update you guys once I’ve watched it. 

I’m in shock. I can’t believe it. They absolutely hated my audition, and the monologue specifically. They said it was as if the person had never even heard of the play, and that the only reason they kept watching was because of the high-quality marketing video production. They complimented it and even acted as if it was the only reason they got in contact with me. The rest of the video they sent me was rude and horrible, and I’m probably going to cry as soon as I finish this sentence. Yep, I’m crying.

I can’t believe my sister didn’t even research the play before writing me a monologue. Yes, one of the criteria was that the monologue had to be original, but not so original that it was clear the monologue had nothing to do with the play. Instead of being a magic witch, I was a wench. It might not sound like much of a difference to people who don’t understand the play, but it was completely different! I am so embarrassed. No matter how well I recited the monologue, I was doomed from the start. The people who sent me back a video though said my recital was horrible. I’m so ashamed.

My only saving grace was the video production. Melbourne has a lot of big-name production houses, so I’m glad I chose the right one. The producers even had the audacity to ask me who did my video production because they want the same people to do their video ads. Ugh.