I packed up my life six years ago and moved Cambridge, Tasmania. I never looked back. I left a stressful life for one of leisure and it truly was the best decision I’ve ever made. I used to work in the city doing a stressful job that was supposed to be 9am-5pm but ended up being more like 7am-10pm every day. I was working myself into an early grave and I knew that I couldn’t go on like that for the rest of my life. And so I got up and moved. 

I now work as a receptionist for a motor mechanic near Cambridge. The town doesn’t have much in the way of jobs in the industry I used to be in, which I’m happy about. I’m happy working a simple job for a simple wage and going home after work to enjoy my life. Well, actually I don’t go home. I go to the beach. It’s fantastic. 

Other than the obvious reasons about why I like living in this town, I also like that I genuinely help people by doing my job. It’s a simple fact that people need their cars, so by helping book in their appointments and making sure they get the right information, I’m really doing them a favour. I feel a sense of satisfaction when they arrive ready for the correct type of car service. Cambridge residents actually need me and I’m really glad that me moving here has become a mutually beneficial situation. 

Moving to the Peninsula was a decision that I’ll be happy with for the rest of my life. I never want to go back to a stressful way of life ever again, and I absolutely love going to the beach every day. Funnily enough, I actually sold my car when I moved here. Everything I need is within walking distance, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.