I’m staying at my holiday house for the next month. Every January my family and I spend our summer holidays in Phillip Island. It was easy when us kids were all at school and uni, because we all had January off. It got more complicated when we started our careers because a lot of us had to be in the office, but due to a recent change of events, working from home is now socially acceptable! As a result I’ll be working from the island for the next month. 

My parents have somehow managed to have every January off from work for the last twenty years. I don’t know how they managed it, but it’s been a constant in all of our lives. Now that all us ‘kids’ are working from home, my parents have decided to take on their own projects. Their project for this year is to get the holiday house painted. They’re going to have the interior and exterior painted, and they’re going to split it up over two summers. This summer my parents are looking for the best exterior painter Melbourne has to offer. The CBD is about two hours away from the island, has more options than the island does. My parents have sourced a painter that is happy to travel down to the island, and they’re really excited about it.

Because they’re giving our whole holiday house a facelift, albeit in two separate blocks, they have to colour coordinate the outside of the house with the inside of the house. As a result, they’ve contacted the best interior painter that Melbourne has to offer to work alongside the exterior painter. 

I really like the colour scheme that both painters and my parents’ have come up with. The whites and light blues will make our holiday house look like a house in the Hamptons, which is not only beautiful but also extremely classy.

I love our holiday house.