My friends and I have this software installed on our phone that lets us see where each other are at all times. It sounds creepy but we’re all happy to show each other our locations because we’re best friends and we know everything about each other. It’s especially great on a night out when we’re not hanging out together but are close by. It helps us meet up and hang out even though we may not have started the night together. I love the software.

It has also kept us all safe on multiple occasions. I got myself into a sticky situation one night and my friend was able to see exactly where I was and pick me up. If it wasn’t for the software I would’ve been afraid and stranded, so I was very lucky my friend knew where I was.

I was able to return the favour for her yesterday. Her car motor broke down and she wasn’t able to find an auto electrician close to Seaford. I saw that she had been in the same spot for a while and so I gave her a call, and she told me that she was stuck and couldn’t get hold of a car service place. Do you know what I did? I drove straight to her. I knew where she was and was there within thirty-minutes. I helped her get her car to the a mechanic and took her out for coffee while we waited for it to get fixed. This wouldn’t have happened if the software hadn’t shown me that she was acting strangely. 

While we waited, we found out her car actually needed a suspension repair. If it wasn’t for the location tracking software, she would have had to wait for this alone for a couple of hours after being stuck on the side of the road and it would have been a really bad experience.

I was able to keep her company the entire time, and it was all thanks to this tracking thing.