I’m somewhat famous in Adelaide and on the internet. I love being famous and having people recognise me in the street, however, the reason people recognise me definitely wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. People in Adelaide know me as the worst driver in the city. I’m famous for being the 35-year old L plater who has failed his driving test over twenty times. Ever since I started posting videos of myself driving on KitKot, I’ve gained thousands of followers and people have started asking me to take photos with them in the street. I’m pretty happy about being famous even if it’s because people are laughing at me.

I still make money on my videos, regardless of whether I’m the brunt of the joke or not. You should’ve seen how many hits the video of me getting a car air conditioning regas in Adelaide got. I can do absolutely anything these days and people will laugh and I’ll make money for it. I pretty much got an aircon regas for free because of my subscribers. They can laugh at me for not being able to drive without a licensed driver for as long as they’d like, it doesn’t matter to me. 

Even though I’ve embraced the fact that I don’t have my license and I’m certainly making the most of it, part of me does wish that I could have my license. I didn’t want to fail my driving test all those times, but sadly I’m just not that good of a driver. I often wonder if people judge me for not having a license. It’s definitely not normal but surely people like my car mechanic come across old non-licensed drivers all the time. It can’t be that shocking, but maybe it is seeing as I have people laughing at me on the street.

I will continue to embrace my newfound fame for as long as I don’t have my license. Maybe I’ll be able to afford a new car with the money I make.