I lost my sun moon earrings. I’ve been wearing them for the last two years straight, ever since just after I turned twelve. I’m fourteen and a half now and I’m known at my high school as the girl with the cool earrings. So many girls have asked me where I got the earrings from and I just tell them that they were custom made for me, which makes people think they’re even cooler. AND NOW I’VE LOST THEM. 

I think they fell out whilst my class and I were riding our bikes for Bike Ed. I didn’t want to go for a bike ride and I tried to get out of it but my teacher didn’t believe my excuse and so I had to go. I was angry at the time, and I am even more furious now.

I’ve got a reputation to uphold which means I have to find a new, cool pair of earrings to wear until I find my sun moon earrings. I’ve chosen to go with stripe earrings until then because stripes are really in right now, and my grandma will appreciate me wearing them. They were never my favourite as a kid, but trends change and I am literally the biggest trendsetter of earrings in my year level. 

I’m genuinely really upset about losing my earrings. They were my favourite and not only that, they were my grandma’s favourite too which makes them mean even more to me. I guess my grandma could make me another pair, but I’ll never love them as much as my original ones. She even got the earrings made in Melbourne which is cool because everyone on the West Coast where I live absolutely loves Melbourne. Melbourne is just so funky and arty, and you don’t really get much of that over here.

I’m going to ask my mum to write a letter to the school to complain about this. I’m really unhappy.