I was just minding my own business, sitting in my favourite cafe and drinking my soy latte while doing a bit of business admin…

…and a car drove by shaped like a dog. I did a real, proper double take, because at first I thought I’d seen a gigantic dog, with fur and everything. Turns out it was a real, gigantic dog with fur and everything that was actually, also, a car.

And look, I’m not going to really get myself a dog that is also a car, but it gave me some business ideas. Plenty of people who have businesses also advertise using their vehicles, even if it’s just a bumper sticker. I need to get me some of the action!

I’ll still be careful though. Last time I was visiting my faithful, trusty Brighton car mechanic I noticed that there was a car in the bay next to mine that looked like it’d been in a frightful accident. I asked why that was, and was told that they’d done too thorough a wrap job. Every inch of their car was plastered with signs advertising a bowling alley/oxygen bar combo, except they’d also covered up most of the windows. The guy hadn’t been able to see where he was going and had plowed straight into a memorial service for the victims of the Emu Wars. Fortunately, the only person hurt was the driver (just a minor case of whiplash), but several emus were reported startled, which almost started another war. And then next to that guy’s car was a total wreck, with the driver trying to explain to the mechanic that he’d crashed after a spooky skeleton waved him through at an intersection. 

So that was a bit of a weird thing to overhear, but I think the main thing is that I need to consult a mechanic or car expert before I start to plaster ads all over my car. Car repairs done in Brighton are all well and good, but I don’t want my business name blocking the window being the reason for me getting them. Prevention, not…the thing after that.

And I’m not transforming the whole car into a dog, with fur and everything. Seems impractical for hot days.