People say it’s hard to get started in business, but I’ve never understood that. Why don’t people just use their family contacts, like I do? Daddy’s accountant has been indispensable to me; anyone having issues with tax should really take a leaf out of my book on this. There’s such a great sense of satisfaction that comes with the hard work of convincing your parents to include you in their business networks.

Now that I’m buying my office, I’m really getting to take full advantage of that, especially when it comes to conveyancing. St Kilda has quite high demand for buying commercial properties, but I just don’t see it – all because of my smart thinking in using my family’s connections to the fullest.

My friend Katrina says I should check my privilege when I’m talking about this stuff, but I don’t really understand what she means. I’m out here working to change the world through beautiful, thoughtfully devised pet weddings, and I don’t see why should have to account for other people’s failure to recognise that. Mummy’s always said that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I know that this is my destiny. If it wasn’t, then explain how I’m managing to stay afloat in this niche profession in the current climate.

It’s destiny, I’m telling you. That’s how I’ve come to be blessed with the best conveyancing solicitors Melbourne has to offer. They’ve really come through for me, and I can see why Daddy pays them so much. I suppose some people struggle with this type of thing because they have to pay their conveyancers themselves, on top of their business expenses. That’s why I’m advocating that people get their parents to foot the bill.

But then, if I am blessed by fate to be pursuing my passion for facilitating pet nuptials, perhaps access to excellent conveyancers is just part of the package.