Does anybody know where I can buy some flowers? It seems that every flower stall in the city is closed. Oh, I’m in real trouble if I can’t find some beautiful flowers before tonight. Everything else is ready for Sherbert and Bella’s wedding but it will be for nothing if I can’t get the perfect decorative flowers. Months of pet wedding planning for nothing!

I thought I’d be able to get roses with basically no notice. Is there something on February 14th that I’m not aware of? I don’t understand why all of the flowers are suddenly gone. There were plenty for sale yesterday. Now, where am I going to find standard roses for sale?

Wait, there’s a lot of hearts around the city, now that I think about it. Deals at restaurants for couples. Date night movie prices? Oh no. It’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? I always have trouble remembering the date of it. I thought it wasn’t until the 24th!

That puts me in a real pickle. Not to worry, I’ll figure something out. How hard can it be to find enough flowers for a wedding on Valentine’s Day? I just have to be less fussy about it. I wanted to get standard roses, but I suppose hybrid tea roses will work just as well. Surely I’ll be able to find a florist that has some flowers for sale.

Worst case scenario, I’ll have to go foraging for flowers. Let’s see, I’ve got five hours before the wedding and it will take me at most an hour to get to the ceremony from here. So four hours to find some good flowers. Maybe I’ll go for a jog along the Yarra and see what I can find.

I hope that Bella and Sherbert understand. I really didn’t expect to have this issue. What if my failure has ruined their entire wedding? No, Ashleigh, you have to be strong for the happy couple. You can do this. Now stop blogging and get to work!