I’ve just moved into the new premises! I realise it might sound like my practice moves around a lot, and I guess that wouldn’t be an unfair assessment. It’s just that there’s always new commercial properties coming up on the market, and I figure why stick with a place that’s ‘good enough’ when you could be somewhere truly outstanding? Daddy always says that settling for second best is for chumps, and the accountants always seem to be able to work it out, so I guess it must be true. 

The proof was in the pudding when Spangles and Handsome Dude came for their consultation this morning. Seeing them settled comfortably in the heated stables, rather than knocking things over as they tried to fit into a ‘standard’ consulting room, made the move worthwhile. A full stable set-up might seem overly elaborate to some (even Daddy questioned it), but look at it this way: everyone deserves dignity in the lead-up to their wedding day, even the larger quadrupeds among us. 

Never mind if it makes things a bit more difficult when it comes to conveyancing. For properties around Elwood, it might be somewhat out of the ordinary to have stables and trailer parking on site, but who wants to be ordinary? Besides, it’s opening up the business to a niche market that has previously been untapped for logistical reasons – not enough room for horse floats and the like. If I can pick up that market, the specialist infrastructure will pay for itself.

It’s not like property conveyancing is ever a walk in the park, anyway. All those bits of paper and signatures and double-checking numbers… it’s enough to put anyone off the property market. But I pushed through because I care about my clients. Looking after events such as Spangles and Handsome Dude’s upcoming nuptials are what I live for, and I’m not going to let a bit of bureaucracy or the occasional ‘no’ from daddy stand in the way of that.