Oh, the wedding of Mr Cuddles and Mrs Andrea has been a complete disaster! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. The wedding was a success, but the reception was quite messy. Mr Cuddles and Mrs Andrea – or should I say Mr and Mrs Cuddles – are so perfect together, and I’m glad to have matched them through my pet matchmaking service. Unfortunately, Mrs Cuddles’ uncle Terry had a little too much apple juice at the reception and caused a scene. I tried to calm him down, but that just made things worse, somehow. Terry, a particularly aggressive pomeranian, did not take too fondly to the union of his pomeranian niece to a Lakeland terrier.

Terry went on a bit of a rampage, and before he could be stopped, managed to destroy several windows in the chapel. I try to remain happy and optimistic, but it’s hard when I have to cover the cost of sash window replacement near Melbourne. I love my job, and it’s worth the trouble just to see how happy the couple are together, but this is one of my low points. It’s less about the damage and more about the fact that Terry isn’t as happy as everyone else. Why can’t he see that love is love, regardless of a dog’s breed? The Cuddles family will have adorable pomeranian terrier puppies. I would pay for sash and sliding windows replacement a thousand times over just to see them. The fact that they’re happy together is the only thing that matters.

Maybe someday, Terry will change his bigoted ways and see that his pomeranian princess has married a handsome prince after all. The greatest irony is that Terry sounds like terrier. He really should be more open-minded – although, perhaps that’s the reason he hates terriers in the first place, in which case I just feel sorry for him. They’re a great breed. In my eyes, all dog breeds are perfect.