Planning a winter-themed wedding isn’t as easy as it sounds. Honestly, I thought it would be a breeze (pardon the pun), but as it turns out, Siberian huskies are very fussy. My job is to give Markov and Anna the best wedding possible and make them feel like they’re back home in Siberia all the while. That means I have to get the temperature of the wedding hall just right, which I’m mainly doing through air conditioning. Bayside winters can be cold, but certainly not anything near the Siberian chill. For snow, I’ll be cutting paper snowflakes and shredding other pieces to scatter along the ground. By the time I’m done, the happy couple won’t even realise they’re in Australia!

I’ll be arranging the cake tomorrow, made from bananas and dog treats. It sounds horrible to us humans, but the bride and groom were so excited about this cake, they almost ate it all at the taste test. I’m not sure how we can stop all of the guests devouring it. Maybe we can just ask them nicely.

The happy couple has invited a lot of guests. It seems they are very popular. All of their friends from the local dog park, all of the animals from the pet store up the street and what seems like every Siberian husky in Victoria. Some of these animals probably aren’t prepared for such cold, so I hope they bring jackets. I’m also hoping that the air conditioning unit can handle being on for so long. The last thing I need is air conditioning repairs. Near Highett, that won’t be too hard to find, but it will put a problem in my very tight schedule. 

As I mentioned, tomorrow is for organising the cake and its delivery. On Wednesday I have to arrange the pet limousine that will bring all the guests here. Thursday will be a practice run of the ceremony before we have the real event on Friday. I suppose I should stop writing on my blog now and get to work finishing these decorations. Thanks for reading!

– Ashlee