Siberian Wedding

Planning a winter-themed wedding isn’t as easy as it sounds. Honestly, I thought it would be a breeze (pardon the pun), but as it turns out, Siberian huskies are very fussy. My job is to give Markov and Anna the best wedding possible and make them feel like they’re back home in Siberia all the while. That means I have to get the temperature of the wedding hall just right,

The Heart Wants Heat

Out of all of my services, Pet Matchmaking has to be the hardest. I’m quite skilled in the art of divining a pet’s inner troubles, which covers therapy and marriage counselling. Pet weddings? Well, one only needs empathy for the animals, and a desire to see them happy! Matchmaking is tricky, however, and requires a great deal of thought. Just yesterday I was asked to find the perfect match for