Out of all of my services, Pet Matchmaking has to be the hardest. I’m quite skilled in the art of divining a pet’s inner troubles, which covers therapy and marriage counselling. Pet weddings? Well, one only needs empathy for the animals, and a desire to see them happy!

Matchmaking is tricky, however, and requires a great deal of thought. Just yesterday I was asked to find the perfect match for a goose, and… look, I’m not judging, but geese can be really mean. I’m in the midst of a large crowd of them, trying to see if any of them match the profile of my client, but they start getting aggressive. Waste of three hours, actually.

Oh well, these things take time. Love cannot be rushed, unlike heating, which I would like to rush, actually. Heating services near Sydney are going to be quite important in the coming months, and I want mine to be top-notch so that my clients are kept comfortable. I’m actually working on a very exciting project at the moment that may see me actually moving into a real office, in a real high street! Just a tiny place, currently above a sushi shop, so that’s my lunches sorted. And it’s just me here, so it’s not like I need a huge space. It needs to be heated, because I simply must work in optimum temperatures at all times. It’s all in the biology. I even check ceremony halls for heating and cooling before I book them, because the safety of the animals and the celebrant is paramount. Dogs and hot cars do not mix, and neither do Ashleigh and cold rooms.

I’d love to have a celebration hall of my own someday, with all the heating and cooling a girl could want, but that’s a bit further down the line. I’d settle for this: a waiting room, an office and a small kitchen, all with best ducted heating installation Sydney can possibly provide.

Just enough space for if the owners want to have the ceremony right then and there. Sometimes the heart simply cannot wait.