Oh golly-gosh, there’s so much to think about when planning a new office. Do tinted windows say ‘your pets can get married here’? Ugh, no, that’s crazy; I need stained glass for that sort of effect. I need my desk to be in front of a massive window, carved from gorgeous stained glass, depicting Saint Francis of Assisi sitting astride a turtle and soaring through the clouds, flanked by his brigade of winged kittens. Yes, perfect.

Unfortunately the office I’m looking at doesn’t have a big window. It’s quite dark overall, actually, so the best I can do is some elegant decorative window glass, maybe with a subtle animal pattern. Mixing professionalism with decorative glass that depicts kittens playing with balls of string, and puppies frolicking in piles of ribbons seems like the way to go. So whimsical! But it’s not going to happen unless I sink some of my budget into glass.

I need to do something, because the space I’m looking at currently has only two advantages: it just about counts as office space, and it’s above a sushi place. Keeping my place clean and tidy for clients is getting seriously tiring, so I need to move out as soon as possible, but to move into a dank office? One that’s dark and uninviting? Maybe I could knock out some of the walls, and make BIGGER windows. Then I could have my great and magnificent Francis of Assisi stained glass art project. Such opulence! Such a lovely place to get married, with the many-coloured lights cast over the faces of the happy pets about to be joined in holy matrimony. It would also be a quite a calming effect for my pet counselling sessions. 

But maybe later. Got budgets to be thinking about, after all. Unless I take a sledgehammer to the wall of my new office… or I could leave it for the commercial window tinting specialists to figure out. They do wall demolition, right?