I was vacuuming the other day, and was struck by a sudden realisation: what if I’m actually hurting my business? 

Brenda, Steven, Jeremy and Sarah leave a lot of fur around the place, especially during shedding season. It makes the place smell very cat and dog-ish, so I try to clean as much as I can…but what if my clients want that? If I was finding someone to bring my animals together in holy matrimony, I’d want their place to smell a bit like dog. Just saying.

These are only some of the thoughts you have as a new and alternative business owner. Like, ‘are Melbourne door replacement services kind to the environment?’ I haven’t found any evidence to the contrary, but I don’t want to make rookie mistakes. I don’t want to swan around my workspace with beautiful timber doors, only to have someone come in with their stick insects and be utterly horrified.

“The timber industry is most unkind to stick insects!” they will say, clutching their glass terrarium with trembling fingers. “How could Stickwan and Sticktoo be wed in a place such as this!” 

Then they’d leave me a negative review online, and that would be bad since I currently only have three reviews, and one of them says ‘best pizza I ever had – Luigi is really friendly and makes an awesome garlic margherita!’ 

I don’t know how that happened. Probably should get it removed, but five stars are five stars, you know?

Anyway, windows. Doors. I want to do right by them, but at the same time I also kind of wish I lived in an eco-friendly treehouse, built from all-natural materials and power gleaned entirely from that which is freely given by the sun. 

Melbourne’s very best sash window replacement. Kind to the environment, and to animals worldwide? Probably, but it’s always a risk. I need to get a real office away from home!