Gosh, I’m learning so much! So electricity is NOT something that you mine out of the ground naturally, and it’s NOT something that’s free for everyone. Suppose I never really thought about it, because Daddy took care of all the bills, but now that I’m living all on my own and running a business, I need to know this stuff.

I also need to know all about being green, because I’m running a business now, and I have to be ALL over those commercial solar systems. Melbourne is leading the world in green energy, according to the very first result I got when I googled ‘Melbourne solar power’. Yeah, that’s just what I thought! I’m a strong advocate for the animal kingdom, and I’m also a strong advocate for bringing the animal kingdom the ultimate in happiness. Being wed is one way for pets to be happy, and this is the other: preserving the environment in which they live by switching to clean, solar energy. People will come to my home office to ask me to plan their pet weddings, and I want some premium solar panels to be the very first things they see.

I’m still finding my feet in the world of big business, so I need to show people I’m sincere and passionate. That’s my main weapon: my overabundance of passion. I WANT pets to find happiness in holy union, at all costs. My passion is like the sun… hence, the panels. Maybe I’ll go for a 100kw system. I don’t know what that is, but I saw it mentioned in the article. If it helps me to preserve the environment, then I’m definitely bringing it on board as a business purchase.

Look up here, will be my insinuation. Look at these panels. Look how green and environmentally responsible I am. Surely, if I am willing to go above and beyond in my quest to bring your pets total happiness, because this is a clear first step in bringing the entire animal kingdom happiness.