Animals. Animals. Animals everywhere.

And I knew that was going to happen when I brought them into my home, but it is getting to be a bit of a problem. Brenda and Steven have reached shedding season, Jeremy and Sarah are also leaving hair everywhere, and Travis and Murphy…well, I’m concerned about their relationship. They seem to be spending a lot of time with twigs that look like other stick insects, instead of each other.

And the hair! There has to be a better way than sweeping and vacuuming every other day! I took my car in to see one of the best mechanics Ringwood has, and I only realised halfway there that I hadn’t cleared out the hair. So I’ve got an appointment to have my car serviced, something I’d been needing to do for ages, and I’m about to drive up with my car looking like…well, looking like I’d set off some sort of weird hairy bomb. And I’m used to the smell, so it was probably overpoweringly ‘doggy/catty’ in there for anyone who wasn’t me. 

Take care of your mechanics, everyone. They keep you on the road, and they don’t deserve to go home coughing up hairballs from working in your pet-encrusted car.

Now I’m wondering…if I rock up to a counselling or wedding appointment and my car is covered in pet hair, is that considered unprofessional, or could I get away with it because it shows my dedication to taking my pets with me to places? I’m definitely a strong advocate for bringing your pets with you everywhere you go, unless you can hire a full-time pet-sitter of course, ha ha. 

Bottom line: it’s a little bit unhygienic, both in general and for mechanics working on my vehicle. I wouldn’t book a car service and leave discarded fingernails all over the place, and this is just that, with the added potential for allergies. Think of your mechanic’s allergies! You can always rely on Mechanics in Ringwood, vehicle inspections are not a problem for their team of experts. Thankfully none of them are allergic to pet hair! They wouldn’t be able to do proper vehicle inspections if they were coughing and sneezing all the time. Not vacuuming up dog hair can lead to car crashes. True story.