Taking Barge

Many people don’t realise that orchestrating pet weddings is a multi-disciplinary pursuit. It goes beyond consulting, event planning and logistical execution, and even beyond the oft-requested coaching and counselling as the betrothed couple approaches their big day. My professional know-how is often required to extend into some extremely unexpected fields, and every day yields new surprises, depending on what’s needed. I consider myself to be in a position of service,

Such a Deep Message

People often ask me…Ashleigh, what do you do with your spare time? Looking at pictures of cats? I do a lot of that; in fact, one of my main methods of unwinding is googling images of various cute animals. Did you know that cute sharks are a thing? It’s true! Cute sharks, cute spiders…no cute scorpions yet, but I check every day.  Other than that, I’ve been somewhat addicted to

Aquatic Ceremonial Woes

Now I’m getting requests to take my business out to sea. Oh dear.  We used to go boating as a family, of course, but we only really know one sort of boating, and that’s the type where you’ve got an extremely large cruise ship with hundreds of people, and restaurants, and swimming pools, and special event nights. I suppose that’s not ‘boating’ specifically, as it is simply inhabiting a boat